Brseč is a small historical village at the eastern coast of Istria. Despite the very busy coast road divers may be the only foreigners who ever may have noticed it. The rocky coast lacks sandy beaches and convenient access to the sea is scarce. Even the small harbour is only accessible using a wild and windy road. Therefore tourism stays away and Brseč remains a quiet treasure.

It is not surprising that divers were the first to explore the rocks. The development happened secretly over the past few years but has reached a point were we thought about making the area public.

At this point it must be stated clearly that Brseč is NOT an area of “plaisir climbing”!! The limestone is extremely sharp and access to the basis of the different walls needs a considerable degree of experience. The abseil points are not easy to find and it’s tricky not to dip the rope while pulling it down. Very well then, not really family friendly, more a matter of “terrain adventure”.

The routes are well protected though the distance between the bolts can be wider than in famous sport climbing areas and 4–5m are possible. For whom this is to adventures a small assortment of friend and nuts is recommended. For the long pitches without intermediate belay 14–16 runners are necessary.

The residents of Brseč are very friendly people and the village offers apartments, rooms, a grocery, a post office and a restaurant. You will find more accommodation in Vozilici in the South and Moscenicka Draga in the North (camping ground).

The area has been found by Ingo Schalk joined by Gerald Wagner, Martin Sprenger and Gerhard Grabner, supported by Hans Rust and Martin Schlitter, all from Styria/Austria.